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Porcelain Crown Veneers

Before we started using our intraoral camera, giving you a look inside your mouth was difficult. If we noted that a filling in one of your molars had developed a micro- fracture, we would give you a small hand mirror to take a look. You would probably have a hard time seeing the problem area.

Our exciting new dental tool changes all that. We use a tiny video camera similar to ones used in arthroscopy, a large monitor, and videotapes that show you detailed close-ups inside your mouth. You can see your teeth and gums before, during, and after treatments such as cleanings, restorations, orthodontics, or periodontal procedures.

We can even prepare computer-assisted dental images of improvements that cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, and bridges can make in your teeth and smile. That way, you can see how your smile will look with whiter and more even teeth. Ask us for a demonstration at your next visit.

The primary goal in dentistry is to restore teeth to their normal form, beauty, and proper function.

Dentists use porcelain veneer crowns to restore teeth that have been disfigured by extensive decay, breakage, abrasion (wearing), imperfect development, or discoloration. Sometimes they are even used to correct poor alignment of the teeth.

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