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Intraoral Camera

~ Our Intraoral Camera ~

Before we started using our intraoral camera, giving you a look inside your mouth was difficult. If we noted that a filling in one of your molars had developed a micro- fracture, we would give you a small hand mirror to take a look. You would probably have a hard time seeing the problem area.

Our exciting new dental tool changes all that. We use a tiny video camera similar to ones used in arthroscopy, a large monitor, and videotapes that show you detailed close-ups inside your mouth. You can see your teeth and gums before, during, and after treatments such as cleanings, restorations, orthodontics, or periodontal procedures.

We can even prepare computer-assisted dental images of improvements that cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, and bridges can make in your teeth and smile. That way, you can see how your smile will look with whiter and more even teeth. Ask us for a demonstration at your next visit.


Keep the Germs out of the Paste

Bacteria is everywhere - even on your toothbrush. And, if it's on your toothbrush, it is also in your toothpaste. Why? Because the bristles of your brush touch the paste remaining in the neck of the tube each time you use it.

How can you keep bacteria out of your toothpaste? Wipe the top of the tube with a tissue after each application of paste. Then throw the tissue away. To limit the number of germs on your brush, be sure to allow it to dry after each use. Keeping your workplace toothbrush in a portable holder in a desk drawer is convenient, but set it on a piece of tissue to dry before putting it away to cut back on the bacteria in the bristles.


Plaque and tartar, how do they differ?

There's a big difference. Plaque is a sticky substance that's constantly growing on your teeth. It's made up of bacteria and the toxins they release each time you eat. These toxins are very acidic, so they're hard on the enamel of your teeth. Plaque can be hard on gums as well, causing tenderness, swelling, and bleeding.

The good news is that you can do something about plaque. It's easy to remove plaque and reduce toxins by brushing after each meal or snack. Flossing or using interdental cleaners in places between teeth, where it's hard to brush, can eliminate even more dangerous plaque.

Then there's tartar. Tartar is unremoved plaque that has built up and hardened on and between teeth, generally at, or below the gumline. Only a professional cleaning with special dental instruments can effectively remove tartar from your teeth.

Remember that the more plaque you remove from your teeth, the less tartar will have to be removed at our office.

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