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Dental Implants

~ Permanent teeth can now be yours again! ~

Replacing lost teeth was one of the first ways ancient dentists tried to help man. Attempts at replacing teeth have been discovered as far back as early dynasties of China, ancient Egypt, and American Indians. Examination of mummies and early skeletons has shown evidence of the implantation of teeth. These early attempts were unfortunately doomed by limited surgical skills and infections.

Implantology is the modern science of tooth replacement. While research has been going on for well over 30 years, the greatest progress has been made in the last decade as implantology devices and techniques rapidly changed from the experimental to the standard of care.

For many of our patients, implants mean that replacing lost or missing teeth with natural-looking, permanently-anchored replacements need not be a dream. Tooth replacement has become a reality. While they are not a solution to every problem, implants can provide special benefits to:

* Those who cannot wear conventional dentures comfortably.
* Patients with teeth in danger of being lost that can be strengthened and saved.
* Individuals who have lost teeth and prefer permanent teeth to removable partial dentures.

Implants are not for appearance alone. By firmly anchoring new teeth, they can restore clear speech and the ability to chew and enjoy eating again. They grant its wearer the healthy self-confidence of an attractive appearance, as well as the ability to resume normal functions of the mouth and teeth.          

Who can have implants?

Having implants requires the same state of general health as having any operative dental procedure, like an extraction. Patients with certain health conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, are not advised to seek implant treatment. If you have questions, you should consult your personal physician.

Where are they done?

Most implant procedures can be performed at our office. Placing the implant takes only one or two visits. About 8-10 weeks after the implants have been placed, additional visits will be necessary to construct bridgework or caps.

Is any special care required?

Dental implants and the work over them require the same amount of care as your own teeth...and no less, either! You should return to the dentist every six months for regular checkups. Poor oral hygiene is harmful to both natural and implanted teet


How much do implants cost?

The investment in implants is within reach of patients who can afford fixed bridgework. In some instances (for example, replacing a single tooth), it can be less expensive than creating a three-unit fixed bridge. An implant can also eliminate the need to crown healthy teeth.

Are there any disadvantages?

All procedures, even a cleaning, have some small risk. Occasionally, bone loss or inflammation may occur after a successful placement. We will explain all options and possible risks so you can make an educated decision. More importantly, we will recommend the treatment with the best record of successful outcomes for situations similar to yours.

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